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Cyutie the Mouse

Head mascot of Pretty Mouse! A field mouse with big dreams and aspirations. Navigating her way now through the "Big City". She meets friends along the way, Laydie being her best friend by far! Always wearing her favorite pearl earrings. A parting gift from her mother, for good luck.


  • Strawberries

  • Dressing up

  • Flowers

  • Sightseeing


  • Untimeliness

  • Not being able to find the right outfit!

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Laydie the Pigeon

Laydie, a native of the "Big City", teams up with Cyutie to help her navigate her way through the ever changing concrete jungle! Adorned with her signature scarlet bow & heels. A kind, feathered spirit.


  • Red

  • Pistachios

  • Romance


  • Walking, why walk when you can fly!

  • Not being the center of attention

The Drag Rats


Moco the Red Squirrel

This duo composed of Grace (left) & Darcy (right) learned they work best together after one fateful, overcrowded night during a stage showcase. Grace bringing her flawless dance moves, with Darcy bringing her fierce personality, makes for an unstoppable drag force!


  • Lip-sync battles

  • A good wig

  • Money making


  • A boring crowd!

  • Boring clothes

  • Rain

A red squirrel  with a knack for the early 2000's! Living her best life in modern times as a city dwelling ganguro. Always ready for "puri" selfies, and a colorful night or day out with her gal friends!


  • Para Para

  • Lots of color

  • Eurobeat


  • Missing out on a Gal meet up

  • Not enough accessories